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A newspaper Never say wholesaler in the United States put up for cheap nike nba jerseys never an ad: “a dollar to buy a luxury car”. Harry saw the ad: “half believe and half doubt today not fool ah!” However, he is still holding a dollar, according to the address provided on the newspaper to find.

In front of a very beautiful villa, Harry knocked on the door.

A noble young woman opened the door for him, he had come, young Harry to the garage, pointing to a new luxury cars said: “well, this is it.”

The first thought in Harry’s mind was: “it’s a bad car.” He said, “madam, may I try it on?”

“Of course you can!” So Harry drove around in a circle.

This car is not stolen?” Harry asked to experience the car, young woman holding for him.

So Harry paid a dollar. When he drove away, he was still supply replica nba jerseys baffled. He said, “can you tell me why, madam?”

The young woman sighed and said, “well, to tell you the truth, this is my husband’s legacy. He left all his legacy to me, only the car belonged to his mistress. But he gave me the right to sell the car in his will, and the money he gave to his mistress – so I decided to sell it.

Harry see light suddenly, he went home happily with the car. On the way, Harry met his friend, Tom. Curious, Tom asked about the origin of the car. When Harry finished, Tom fell to the ground and said, “Oh, God, I saw this ad a week ago!”

Anything can happen. Even those who can not believe the miracle, how can a miracle?

There are always some people in life who are not active in the future. They are not in the turbulent days of bumps too long, is in even time lingering too deep. Not despair, is lazy, in the idea, not cowardice, is nothing. The turmoil confusion spirit, beliefs will be scattered in confusion; and in the home for too long, will inevitably forget the way home.

Since the establishment of the impasse, more often than to live an even more formidable. The world’s biggest impasse is: in the hope before the arrival of despair has come; in May before the arrival of the “impossible” had arrived.

In fact, many places are often not people can not, but not to the heart. Only on the ground of heart life must be with the cyclotron, behind others. One way, when their only previous go, repeat out. Affordable philosophy of life, are often able to choose to be jerseys at nba best discount able to think, to do. This seems to avoid the risk, but also blocked the vast road leading to it.

Life is whirling, it gives you some, also take some, make you happy for a while, also let you suffer a. The fantastic thing is, seemingly calm, but let everyone have a different.

Optimistic people, always limited in the life out of the infinite, because they are more likely to see hope in despair, in the impossible to capture the possible. Hope seems slim, but fell in the depths of time. It is motionless, waiting, waiting to meet the person and the nature of tough and bright. When you give up, maybe it is because it is with you in deep sorrow, only zhichizhiyao. A lot of good life, not to wait, but often miss.

Sometimes, too much negative thoughts, we will be kidnapped. Let us First impressions are strongest hint in denial of their own, more righteous. If you are used to standing in the courtyard, you might as well walk on the roof. Not only because the roof of the wind is bigger, more cool, it is important that you will suddenly open eyes, see the garden can not see the scenery.

Unfortunately, some people have not given their own life on the roof of the opportunity. They have been imprisoned for too long, too deep in the heart yard. The beauty of life, they have no chance to see.


When you’re driving Bent down to browns nike nfl jerseys to the get close to the dream Chengdu Chongqing middle of the road, you will be surprised to find a long line outside the roadside shop, shop called “longevity monk pomelo shop”, maybe you will be curious to see the parking. Speaking of the “Tang pomelo longevity shop”, there is a warm story.

This shop shopkeeper Zhang, a more than and 20 year old young man. Two years ago, Zhang graduated from university graduation certificate, Chuaizhe find work everywhere, but because he is a professional animation, while others expressed appreciation for his work and talent, but in his work invariably refused to shake his head. There is no way, he had to stay in her mother’s fruit shop floor to do odd jobs, said: “he self mockery. I read a scholar’s misbehaviour, ten years, is a gentle man, let me do it from the floor.”

Because the local rich grapefruit, not only beautiful appearance, but also a big sweet juice foot, popular with foreigners favorite, so Zhang Kejia fruit shop sells grapefruit, but the local sale of grapefruit roadside shops in particular, fierce competition, so business is somewhat deserted.

One day, the shop came to a chubby child, holding 50 Fen, claiming to buy “Tang Sengyou”. Zhang said: “where is the monk pomelo? Go to the Get out of my way.!” Who knows the child suddenly wow cry, Zhang can jerseys different size be a little overwhelmed. Zhang mother saw the child crying very sad, not deliberately mischievous look, then hold over softly caress, after carefully asked: this had just learned that the four year old child named Dudu, his favorite grandfather got sick, Dudu heard neighbors say what grandpa had cancer, not live long. Dudu home crying, Grandpa grandson comforted him: “don’t cry, you see the journey to the west is not to say that Tang Seng can eat meat ever-young? When Grandpa ate a piece of meat, can ever-young.”

So, toot myself out to buy “Tang”, but the child pronunciation is not standard, you will hear “Tang pomelo”. Find several shops not to be brushed is blasted open, have a little patience, he called to the store to ask grapefruit. A child can understand the grievances, that is my grandpa made a white lie to comfort the grandson, but children but for Gospel truth. The child sob to say: “Grandpa said the monk can eat grapefruit ever-young, I want to buy a lot of monk to grandpa to eat grapefruit.” How can this be done? Zhang suddenly shot forehead, thought: “I draw a monk in grapefruit, grapefruit does not become a monk?” One can pick a maximum of grapefruit, took the brush painting, just a few minutes, a vivid cartoon monk “vividly pomelo”. He to doodle said: “go back to eat, Grandpa will be well.” Dudu delight, skimmed over picked up the “Tang pomelo” home.

Nothing, but in a piece of grapefruit painted Lin Daiyu, Zhang Fei, Li Kui and other famous figures, customers see, love so much, pick a picture of grapefruit to buy, some customers pay double active. Zhang Kelai the spirit, no one when you draw a stop. One day, Zhang was absorbed, suddenly heard the shop door to firecrackers, saw the doodle pulled his grandfather, holding a plaque with a smile came in, a door, he repeatedly said: “thank you for your prayer, eat your Tang pomelo, I am really sick of it!” Then, write “Tang Seng You Changsheng shop” plaque handed zhang.

That province hospital learned that the cancer belongs to toot grandfather misdiagnosis, back to life in the mood he is very happy, specially invited people to make this a plaque, said Zhang thanks for their straight from hell to heaven more joy made this plaque. The out of the ordinary plaque attracted a lot of people’s curiosity, a twenty hundred, the store increasingly popular, many people for a glimpse of Zhang’s painting and pomelo. Gradually, the store shorthanded, his mother decided to store credentials to Zhang care, you help Zhang Ke in the shop floor work. Zhang can be encouraged, business increased enthusiasm, Zhang officially put the fruit shop named “Tang jerseys direct supply pomelo longevity shop”. It is suggested that he used a knife to assist this painting, even if you eat meat, fruit can be used as the art collection can also enjoy long-term. So he took the fruit according to the needs of the customers packaged sales, each package put a picture of a monk image of grapefruit, so many people come to buy regardless of distance, especially those special visiting customers. Chengdu, Chongqing guests also specifically to buy a car, gradually Zhang’s “Tang pomelo” queuing buy, and the customer only buy a passion, buy a delicious, buy a good mood of good luck.

1997 winter, Qigihar Perfect life browns nike jerseys. Zhang 2016 in the systemWei from the primary school in the school office, along the path, hundreds of times into the grey door. After a long time he recalled that day, there is still a bit of magic color. The dull, huge roar of the machine, which never seemed to stop, disappeared, and he saw the silent crowd round the familiar wall. There have been photos of my father and mother, the following red five-star symbol of the characters – advanced workers.

The restless silence did not last long, and the crowd began to stir. “Why don’t we do it?!” “To survive, to eat!” “With them!”

He looked through the cracks in the crowd, red paper on the glass. Names of the dense fine print writing in a father.

Touch the sky the chimneys scattered black smoke, the sky began to snow.

That winter Zhang Wei learned a new word, “laid off”. If a word has weight, he almost see it bent the father’s back.

The family have been farmers for generations. The land was jerseys china factory both generous and mean, and when he returned home, he saw his grandparents bend over to sow and reap, and their waist was never straight, with a slight arc.

Grandpa is most proud of his father to the school, so he became the first person to go out of the countryside family. Father know the same mother in the factory, and then get married, from single quarters into welfare housing, when the foreman, as director……

He was like many people in this city of heavy industry, think this is your life, even the son and grandchildren life.

In the winter of 1998, parents began to quarrel violently. All the skills of his father depended on the line that had been going on for many years. He was like a screw in the industrial city machine. In this city full of laid-off workers, he could not find a decent job.

“Don’t look down on me,” he said. “When he gets drunk, he gets very angry. He holds a bottle and points to his mother.” if it’s not for you, can you stay?!”

Zhang Wei is not at home to small changes of ignorance. He can find the family’s financial crisis from the slow food, gradually from the atmosphere of silence in the parents feel tension, but it all not to see his father riding a tricycle passenger came a shock.

He stood awkwardly in the crowd, not shout a loud showmanship, Zhang Wei’s first reaction to hide in the crowd.

Never underestimate Chinese cheap jerseys online people sad endurance. Soon, his father used to smoke the poor quality of cigarettes, the mother used to pick up the tailor’s work. That year the Spring Festival, they went back to grandma’s house, one family as he was returning to the dumplings, meat stuffing son incense flipping swallow slobber, parents and chat on rare, until the famous TV comedy actor said:

“Workers to think for the country, I do not lay off who laid off.”

Suddenly dead silence.


When Zhang Wei was in college, he left the city and went to the capital he had been longing for. Poor, is a carved on the bones of things, like the old shoes and a profound sense of insecurity, the more cover more obvious.

He works harder than anyone else, because he knows what’s going to happen.

Seven years of university life enough to change you a lot, he is good enough to get a scholarship, research, found a beautiful girlfriend; he learned to pack their own, this is not too obvious to eliminate the local accent, and learned the city together……

The graduation song someone jokingly sang “start again”, on the screen, the famous singer shaking her hair in the wind and rain, to drink half drunk he suddenly burst into tears.

He remembered that his father went to live in the snow, a winter hand covered with black and red frostbite; think of mother with low waisted sewing cloth, always pick the most remote places stall, occasionally meet acquaintances panic incessantly to escape……

All of the interpretation of the poetic life is a kind of ignorance and arrogant cruelty.

After graduating from Zhang Weishun was admitted to the wishes of parents, all the envy of the civil servants, get a number of precious beijing. Can not say that he never thought of doing something you love, but what he need a safe. It is like a hot air balloon with a needle, let the flying dream silently disappear in the air.

Zhang Wei back to the Spring Festival, the silence of many words could not conceal his parents happy, everyone is happy for him.

As if he were holding a golden immortal bowl.


When Zhang Wei’s girlfriend graduated from graduate school, the employment situation was so bad that she didn’t find the right job. Fortunately, his girlfriend has a uncle, is a three tier university leadership, he said, now, come to our school graduation.

“Girl, when the teacher is good, can take care of the home.”

So his girlfriend concentrate on Cobb, the delay time of employment. Zhang Wei’s work in fifth years, they married, depend on the preferential policies, he bought at the market price couldn’t match the house in Haidian District, the subway to her school and his office.

Family, career, follow the prescribed order. She is reading, he goes to work, life is calm, no waves.

Though he had not learned anything for a long time, Zhang Wei still had a fixed income; he forgot about 80.

Most of the time Can you hold nba jerseys, when you think your free shipping on for a while choice is right, then please hold on, hold on. As the Chinese richest man Wang Jianlin said, bite the teeth adhere to, be sure to hold on for a while, because that is likely to be successful.

A young farmer sold all their possessions on their own, came to a place called Colorado in pursuit of gold dream. After several days of digging, he finally saw the glittering gold ore. In order to dig more gold ore, he went home to borrow money to buy a machine. When he struggled to get the machine to continue digging, soon encountered a pile of stone, he thought that there was gold, everything will be not worth a penny. He is difficult to maintain the daily expenses, but the machine sold as scrap waste collection, their home driven to distraction top quality for cheap nba jerseys. People who refuse to receive a glimmer of hope to invite a mining engineer to conduct on-site investigation. The engineer said that if you dig three feet, you may encounter a gold mine. Waste collection in the engineer’s guidance, continue to dig down. As the engineer said, he dug into a rich gold mine, earning millions of dollars in profits. The young peasant was sorry to death when he got the news from the newspaper.

Hold on, success is at your feet. Continually challenge setbacks, until the final success. Let stress be your motivation for the end. A hopeless situation is a challenge and an opportunity. Just stick to it and you’ll succeed someday.

Star Stallone is a household name, he was not famous, was rejected 1855 times. At that time a total of five hundred Hollywood studios, Stallone visited one by one, no one is willing to hire him. Stallone face five hundred times cold refused, he did not lose heart, back, and from the first start, from door to door self recommendation. The second round, the Hollywood of the five hundred companies, there is no one willing to hire him. Stallone did not give up hope, he firmly believes that there is no so-called failure, but temporarily unsuccessful”. He rejected 1000 times as an excellent experience. Then he encouraged himself to start from the 1001. Later, after a number of job seekers, a total of 1855 times experienced a harsh rejection, he finally succeeded.

When you are waiting the bus coming, you lose patience, a taxi. You know, when you open the door to the taxi, the bus is coming. When you go to a large company to apply for, the company responsible person busy, you wait impatiently, patted the ass to go. The result is that when you first came downstairs, he took the time to talk to you. When you hit one hundred business calls, did not make a business, you still insist on it? Maybe the next one is a prospective client. Water to 99 degrees centigrade is not open, and finally as long as the heating temperature of 1 degrees, you can break through the borderline, start boiling.

After 99 steps, people say that the last step is the most difficult, the most difficult to walk. In fact, this last step and the 99 step of each step, there is nothing like the two, but people in this step to step up their own bluff, easy to give up, do not insist on it. No matter what you do, as long as you dare to stick to it, never give up. When a man wants to do something, he must insist on it. Can you hold on for a while?

The winter of 1959, in a private room Omaha club, a senior lawyer met with a new customer, two people met earlier, talk.

It wasn’t long before cheap price for nba jerseys the lawyer made a surprising decision to quit his job as a lawyer and switch to the client’s company.

His decision was strongly opposed by his family. After all, the lawyer has been 35 years old, is not a more than and 20 year old man, would have been the frequent job hopping flighty and impetuous age, and he graduated with honors from the Harvard University School of law, the court as a lawyer in California have been 11 years, stable and decent. If you want to quit, but also to a more professional, more highly paid large companies to work in the direction of legal counsel.

However, in spite of his family’s objections, the lawyer resigned from his job as a partner in a client company and started a new job.

Who did not think that this time has become the only lawyer to live in a job hopping, this promising investment work he did is 55 years. Today, the lawyer is 90 years old, he is the famous Charlie Munger, his partner’s investment guru Warren Buffett, their company is berkshire. In the past half century, Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett gold partner together to create the best investment record of Berkshire stock book value to 20.3% average annual compound rate of return of investment to create a myth, the stock price rose from $19 to $84487.

If Charlie Munger was not brave enough to quit, then it is likely that in a lifetime in a placid lawyer until retirement, may become a senior legal advisor to good, but certainly not today’s investment guru.

We often envy other people’s achievements, but often ignore their own also have the possibility to create miracles. In contrast, young people now, or is high and flighty and impetuous kept quit, no final hop; either dissatisfied with the status quo but afraid of change can not switch to the rest of your life.


First went to The hands of browns nfl jerseys Taiwan in a few least not dirty years ago, when the hotel has a small stalls selling fried chicken, I’m impressed. The boss is a whiskered man, soft waxy cavitywas desktop is standard. Take the initiative to chat with me, most often say is: “I shop to become the best to eat chicken shop in Taiwan.”

At first I did not care, but often see him with a book in the paint, said recently the deployment of pickled chicken recipe. He also heard of the store employees Xunhua, carelessness is nine storey tower recently enough fresh chicken can beat more soft like.

I said: “at least I have eaten the stalls nearby, I think your home is the best. Business is good every day, should be satisfied.” He said, but the words zaozao: “I am not satisfied, I just want to make the best of Taiwan to eat chicken.”

A few years later, I went to Taiwan, just to live in that hotel. Just enter the street is shocked, have a long queue discharged from the street. The man told me, here is the chicken shop every day is especially good, if not to row a few hours to eat on the team. I went to the front, it is the small booth, actually have jerseys direct supply built a small store, clean and tidy, chicken aroma smell to see half the street.

I congratulate the boss business is getting better, he laughed: “enough, now only the best chicken shop, far away from the ultimate goal.” His tone as a few years ago said. I bought a bag of chicken, then he sincerely wishes. Whether he will be the best to eat chicken shop in Taiwan, I believe that he will always be a successful businessman.

Go to a street basketball association to do an interview, a player is very short, but looks very adorable, cute personality, the reporters are like him. He ran to chat with me, suddenly asked me: “sister, you say I can grow taller?” I carefully observed his appearance, thin and small. To a basketball athletes, less than seven meters in height is too short, and he is no longer young, has been difficult to development. I don’t want to fight him, to persuade equivocate: height is not important, you are so clever, the future no matter what the situation will be very successful.” He shook his head and said: “I will grow taller, I will enter the NBA in the future, become China’s Jordan.”

The reason is that last year, we met again in a basketball game, he still remember me, happy to run over. Standing in front of him, and he did not grow taller, but it is no longer thin, dark skin is also more healthy, the whole body exudes the sun and vitality. He told me the good news: “sister, I selected a team, the family are very happy!” I congratulate you, to tease him: “want to enter NBA?” He nodded, “yes, Jordan of china.”

I know that no matter what a mature person with rational thinking analysis, in front of the young people will not grow taller, it is difficult to enter the NBA, become Jordan is far fetched. But at that moment I didn’t want to deny him, and knew clearly that he was destined to have a bright future.

This is not ambitious, but a wonderful belief that.

A discussion with college friends, I mentioned a point of view, the dream is always possible to achieve”. At that time, some girls stood up against. “I don’t agree, at least my dream can’t be realized.” She was bold and said, “I want to marry Wang Sicong, it’s not possible.” We set the whole room roaring with laughter and I can’t help laughing. There are usual boys in the side shouted: “I want to replace Obama! This is not possible!” I waited for them to laugh, and asked the girl: “what do you study?” “Art.” It is now time to modify the financial or business management.”

I said: “if you want jerseys different size to marry Wang Sicong, first of all, the first step to change the cause of his professional career, after graduating into Wanda Group, through efforts to prove himself, and gradually moved closer to him. If you are not beautiful, by means of their own to become beautiful; if you are not smart enough, by learning to enrich themselves.”

I turned around and looked at the boy: “if you want to replace Obama, first to learn the TOEFL test, English, enter famous universities studying law, and graduated in the United States became the backbone, if you can also change the identity of politics, society’s sleek politicians. Of course, out of patriotism, I do not recommend that you do.”

The girl opened the mouth, boy a pair of incredible expression: “although it sounds but do not closely reasoned and well argued, if not successful?”

I laughed: “if you really do this, even if only half done, you will look forward to marry king Si Cong, to replace Obama?”

In the environment of our education and that in most of the time will be heard similar words: young people to be practical, you will fall badly. Don’t piss yourself XinBiTianGao life than thin paper!

But they never told us that although the uppity dream difficult to realize, but to adjust the target to be cautious in life, and not too much moisture easily.

Dream is the only branches of the fruit, picked it seems too high to be reached, of course is not you. However, a part of the country, and come to a standstill when compared to know regret.

After yesterday’s My ex-wife’s browns new jerseys article,2016 student struggle a lot of people want to listen to my ex-wife’s story, let’s talk about it. In fact, more or less in the previous article and speech mentioned before. I knew she was in 08-09, when I started a consulting firm with a friend. Later, there is a point to do the same site to find us, saying that their system is too stable, we can not solve the problem. At that time, the company is close to my home, I am responsible for the main.

The company has a lot of people, but there are only a few people who do it. The main contact with me is my ex-wife and another guy. Talk about the program for some time, and later, I began to intervene in their development process, when my ex-wife is responsible for the most content, so a lot of dealing with her.

She writes code a bit messy, so I asked her what she said is born, is a university graduate, and later on the Beida Jade Bird class programming.

We generally like to laugh out of the training course students, there are authentic nfl jerseys several reasons:

My ex-wife’s story, a junior high school student struggle

The resume is exactly the same. The first time you receive a training class of students resume, may feel good, understand many things, to participate in the project is also interesting to speak closely reasoned and well argued. Then, when you find that the 30 resumes are almost exactly the same, you’ll want to say, I don’t want a resume like this either.

Lack of self-learning ability. A lot of people just because they do not have the ability to go to the training class. I think I have to go to the task of teachers. Such a student, even in the end to learn what the teacher taught, often waste, because a little bit of change things will not learn.

Don’t know any good habits, encoding debugging and tuning techniques. Training teachers to teach their students all the course is difficult enough, the nature is to talk about. Of course, the majority of domestic universities to teach students is also the case. These things are too complex, too cumbersome, and difficult to learn by reading books and teachers. Must look at their own constant to do things in the process of continuous improvement of their own.

Many teachers and training institutions in order to pursue employment rate, to teach a variety of resume interview skills, and even help students cheat. Unified teaching, so resume and talk is a taste.

Because of ignorance and arrogance.

I personally have never been a natural contempt for any student out of the training course, but, for this phenomenon, can not jump out of the people, naturally there is no respect. She was a little different. She was very kind to me and asked what she wanted to know. I am all to learn, and have a certain understanding of the people, are very friendly.

I found her biggest problem, but also do not understand the good coding habits. Even to the extent that the function is not completely. She jerseys from china was in that company to write ASP, the code is noodle code, a page can be thousands of lines, but not a function. Naturally encountered problems do not know how to solve, there is no simple debugging skills. More importantly, to find the problem, often change the problem.

So, I began to teach her what is the function of what is abstract, why the code should be neat, why to indent alignment.

After these things she learned slowly, the quality of the code to improve a lot, the problem is less and less.

She was very happy and said she would invite me to dinner. I was a lot of times her income, of course, will not let the girls invited me to dinner, so I invited her to dinner. Later, slowly more and more exchanges, and later together.

After that, she told me a lot of her stories.

Her home in a rural, farming parents, sister had to go to Beijing to work, brother also are working in the field. Her primary school grades are not bad, to the junior high school, also did not mind school. The results did not finish junior high school drop out, farming at home. To help parents do the cooking, put the sheep, do some farm work. To 16-17 years old, when her sister back home, the little girl so small at home farming is a waste, since you don’t go to school with me to go to Beijing to work.

So she’s coming to Beijing. Her sister just married a local man, gave birth to a child, her first job in Beijing is to help her sister with children. 1 years later, the child went to kindergarten, she and her sister in the doorway of a small restaurant, guest house, the end of the plate, wash sheets, sheets, etc..

Later, her sister thought to learn a craft, then went to the barber shop. Because her sister learns quickly, and it will come, slowly became the pillar of the barber shop, also became a good friend of the female boss. Then one day, the barber shop female boss, asked her sister want to shop. In fact, her sister is very ambitious agreed, home couple gather together some money, borrowed money, the store plate down.

Then, she followed her sister to learn a haircut.

This is a small alley inside Beijing barber shop, customers are surrounded by households, uncle aunt dominated. She worked as an apprentice in such a barber shop, the monthly wage is 800 dollars, living in her sister’s home.

One day, a young man came to the barber, the young man wearing a suit, carrying a clean.

The American film Eight shop here to get star Stallone, a dozen years ago,cheap nfl jerseys road to success abnormal abjection, was only 100 dollars, even the house can not afford to rent, slept in the beetle, but he decided to become an actress, and very confident to New York film company.

At the time of the New York 500 film company, because of the flat appearance and pronunciation is not clear and refused him. Subsequently, he wrote “Rocky” script, and took the script to sell everywhere, to other people to accept his mockery and ridicule, he has rejected 1855 times.

Finally one day, he met a willing to take “Rocky” script of the film company boss, but the other was not his performance in the film, finally, at Stallone’s insistence that has been promised.

Can you face the 1855 refusal and never give up? Stallone can, he can’t do what others can do, so he can succeed.

Sentiment: you are not successful, or has failed, when they want to give up the dream, ask yourself, was rejected 1855 times?

Article two: the firm belief of inspirational stories

The thrilling story is this:

Robert and his wife, Marie, finally climbed to the top of the mountain. Standing on a hilltop overlooking the distant city of white buildings into a painting in the sun. Look up, blue jerseys top nfl quality sky and white clouds, the soft wind blowing. Two people happy like a child, dancing, forget. For laboring them, this is really a rare trip.

Tragedy is from this time. Robert kick caikong, tall body reeled and then slid to the abyss, is surrounded by steep hills, where there is no starting point. Just a moment, Marie knew what had happened, subconsciously, she snapped at her husband’s coat, when she was squatting on the ground shooting distant scenery. At the same time, she was also brought to the edge of the rock, in this critical moment, she hugged a tree.

Robert Marie hanging in the air, his teeth clenched, can you believe it? Two rows of white fine teeth bear the full weight of a tall body. They like a painting, framed between the blue sky and white clouds, the mountains steep stone. Marie’s hair is like a flag waving in the wind.

Marie couldn’t help crying, and an hour later, the tourists had saved them. And then Marie, beautiful red lips and teeth have been bright red. Someone asked how Marie is such a long time, Marie replied: “at that time, only one thought in my mind: I relent, Robert will surely die.”

A few days later, the story is like wings flying around the world.

Sentiment: people found that death is also afraid of teeth.

Article three: an inspirational story of

Kerr used to be a newspaper clerk. When he first came to the newspaper as an advertising salesman, he was very confident, he proposed to the manager not to pay, according to the advertising fee commission. The manager agreed to his request.

So he made a list of some of the most special clients. The salesman in the company thought it was impossible for them to cooperate with them.

Before visiting jerseys supply nfl center the customers, Kerr locked himself in the room, stood in front of the mirror, read the customer on the list 10 times, and then said to himself: “before this month, you will buy me an ad layout.”

He had the confidence to visit customers, the first day, he and 20 “impossible” customers in 3 deals in the first week; in a few days, he has traded the two transactions; by the end of the first month of the end of the month, 20 customers is not only a buy his advertising.

In second months, Kerr did not go to visit the new customer, every morning, it refused to buy his advertising customers shop opened the door, he went to please the businessman for advertising, and every morning, the businessman replied: “no!” Every time, when the businessman said “no”, Kerr pretended not to hear, and then went on to visit. To the last day of that month, Mike has even said the 30 days of “no” the businessman said: “you’ve wasted a month to request me to buy your advertisement, I want to know now is, why do you persist in doing so.”

Kerr said: “I did not waste time, I was in school, and you are my teacher, I have been training their own perseverance in the face of adversity.” The merchant nodded, and then Kerr said: “I have to admit to you, I also go to school, and you are my teacher. You have taught me to stick to this lesson, for me, it is more valuable than money, in order to express my gratitude to you, I would like to buy one of your advertising, as I pay your tuition.”

Sentiment: in the face of failure to have the spirit of perseverance, it is possible to achieve the ultimate success, in fact, we need to be in the face of difficulties in front of it.

Article four: inspirational story without despair

At the end of Ming Dynasty, the historian TanQian after 20 years of writing make painstaking efforts finally completed, Ming Dynasty Chronicles: “Guoque”. In the face of this part can be spread through the ages of the giant, but the joy of heart as can be imagined. However, he was not happy for a long time, an unexpected thing happened. One night, a thief stole into his home, see the walls, nothing to steal, that locked in in the “original” bamboo box Guoque is valuable.