He was a natural Disabled buy steelers jerseys dwarf,online inspirational story only 100 cm tall. In December 28, 1962, he was born in a small town in the south of france. His arrival not only did not bring joy to the family, but to the parents of the heart cast a shadow, the family is full of worries about his future. Because he suffered from a rare “osteogenesis imperfecta”, the patient can not be fixed in the bones of calcium, bones, such as fragile as glass, which is commonly known as “glass dolls”.

His father is good at guitar and electronic organ, by the influence of the family, he was still very young, he showed great interest in music. At the age of 7, he watched a piano concert on TV, fascinated to entranced the point, I also want to put a piano to his father, father, to meet his requirements.

However, a weakness in the limbs, and people with disabilities, to learn the piano easier said than done. Every time he has to rely on others to hold up the piano seat. On one occasion, his father had just put him on the seat, something temporary out, he accidentally fell off his seat, his foot was broken into a fracture.

Love his father suggested that he learn something else, but he does not agree, it finds the piano. In desperation, the father came up with a way to install a special assistant on the piano, so that his feet are more likely to affect the piano pedal. Even so, he still in practice often encountered unexpected nfl jerseys top quality circumstances that commute between the hospital and home. But he can be careless with, indomitable perseverance, almost crazy to practice, this practice is five years.

He was 13 years old, a chance, his father was informed that a company needed to recruit a clown and a supporting role, think he is very suitable, then sent him to the. There is a theatre named Bruton’s trumpet player. After working with him several times and found that he had a special talent in piano, it is recommended to focus on the cultivation of percussionist Loma nobel. At the age of 15, at the age of two, he released his first album, the flash. Beautiful song stirring, sensation of French music, making him an overnight star”.

His first public performance, first in front of the audience from the nearest station for 3 minutes. Finally, he smiled and asked, “have you seen enough?” After there was a knowing smile, began performing. After listening to his playing, the audience was shocked by his music, there was a brief silence, then burst into thunderous applause.

Later, someone asked him why he was standing for three minutes before, he said: “a lot of people are curious because I figure it. Let them see enough, I will listen to the music, to see the height of my soul.”

In the magical world of music, he forgot the incomplete body pain, be in high and vigorous spirits in fine Fig. The achievements, he is still not satisfied, to increase the time to play every day for 11 hours, every year more than 180 solo concert. Sometimes, the amount of training overload that his bone broken, he is so. The more he plays the piano, the better he becomes. In 1987, he released all nfl style jerseys another album “music”, become a decisive turning music trip let him, to become a world-class pianist, he toured New York, Milan, Tokyo, Paris and other famous music city. He is a voice of praise. At this time, all the people are no longer curious about his strange body, but to look at the admiration of his soul in the heart of the “height””.

However, the greatest character has its ups and downs when. Since the publication of the music, his career began to fall into the low ebb, because of anxiety, and even once fainted in the bar on the ladder. When he came to his senses, he said, “my bones are so fragile. I tell myself: time has not come, God does not want me to die.”

Optimistic attitude that he is still full of confidence for the future, every day practicing more than 11 hours. Sure enough, after a long time, his career ushered in a glorious moment, not only signed a new record company, and the record of a better than a good, popular. In particular, with another French jazz player Guerra Betty record sales exceeded 100 thousand.

Someone once asked him the secret of success, he quoted a philosopher: “everyone in the world is God had a bite of the apple, both excellent and defect. Some people have a big defect, it is God’s special preference for its fragrance, and I was the most fragrant apple.”

In January 1999, he died of pneumonia in New York, only 36 years old, he left the last sentence is: “if I’m really tall, it is little done!”

He is France’s Petrucciani, the world’s most famous piano in the history of the dwarf, an optimistic upward, the courage to accept the challenge of fate, to overcome the great obstacles to the body, the most beautiful music to play the world’s disabled. His stature is short, but the height of his soul, enough to make people look up.