Internship in Let the jokes wholesale the company last week nfl jerseys free shipping a joke and the students eat, read my blog I bought the book 23 years old girl constantly asked the growth course, my curiosity is full, I mention now the so-called “achievements” is also a face of envy, speech is full of praise. Looking at her warm face, I suddenly remembered a pianist friend said in an interview after winning the award: “you only see how much I won the award, did not see how much I lost the award.” What I have in my mind is all sorts of bad luck, all kinds of failures.

I was bullied when it can be said has a long history, can be traced back to the university when the hotel reception practice, often because they do not speak Cantonese, makeup is not strong enough and other reasons to be fantastic monitor wages, reach the peak of perfection is the Mid Autumn Festival is required even the value of two night, the reason is “you have no family here. But the mid autumn festival”. Often gossip, I often doubt with him, and was quite rare Walkman dishonesty; just stammered, strange pronunciation is often the joke in Cantonese colleagues praise. A few months beibeiqieqie, so anxious to leave, take away is a fluent Cantonese and not suitable for the confirmation of their work in service jobs, has benefited from. Last year, back to Guangzhou just to nfl cheap jerseys live in this hotel, at the reception I, impressively is the year of the monitor, before the face of middle-aged people by his tired and dull place. Until the check-in procedure to leave, he didn’t recognize me this more than and 10 years ago I was unlucky intern, without any desire.

When switching from the advertising company into Colgate, as the only non English majors, non Guangzhou people, there is no experience in the management of the brand name of the brand manager, no less isolated. Once excitedly into a bunch of people’s breakfast, but abruptly rejected look back. During the meeting, but also because of unfamiliar business and has often been questioned. Remember the first month, every morning to say to yourself, and then a day, tomorrow will resign. This boil, boil down to the responsibility of the brand has been rising, boil the wages doubled, and then quit.

And so on to join Pepsi, to set their own goal is to exceed the share was three times as much as Coca-Cola. At the beginning, I suddenly heard someone aspiring the messenger came, after entering the Coca-Cola before in my former colleagues heard that I was a new opponent, laugh a few times, said too lucky, will no doubt bring me the “rookie” played flat. As a result, four years later, in late nine to nine, the other is beaten flat, but also because of the “rookie” brilliant was transferred to headquarters.

For so many years, I have not encountered easy work, only the same has never changed, is always insist on doing what they think is right, as well as their favorite things, never give up, no compromise. And those who did not kill me, make me stronger”.

After finishing my bad luck story, the female college student said, your story is an inspirational story. According to the Hollywood routine, and put a luck comeback, a successful counter attack, the ultimate dream come true, is indeed disguising the inspirational story, and occasionally think about those stories, then why not for their own motivation?

Write this article,nfl jerseys supply center Han Han happened to see a text: each person’s body, have thick place, some people are thick calluses, some thick dirt on the back, some thick is the face of the old skin, I would like to own thick heart muscle. Death can not give up, poor death can not sigh, let people laugh at you as a joke. This article called “Chun Ping,” I do, for once laughed at his Chun Ping, interestingly, this deep sympathy for me, my life in the spring of Ping’s name, really one does not want to.