Biography:no umbrella wholesaler Ling song Gou Xi Xiang, Kecheng for nfl jerseys try to run ditch Creek Village, admitted to the Communication University of China in 2001, 2005 graduate walks, a television show. Took a TV series, with the sound, in the CCTV “Dream Theater” as deputy director

Night light Beijing city street light, Zhejiang village than our moon much brighter. When you call me at half past 9, I was in the subway in Beijing through the underground city.

Yes, this evening, I was always on the run from the studio, arrived at the studio — you know the traffic in Beijing is a trouble, on at least an hour, so I night, neon eyes always shaking flashed, and quickly back the building…… I often go to sleep in the subway or taxi, maybe only a few minutes. Sometimes, when I get back to the school dormitory, the day will dawn, lively, bustling day has begun.

Oh, this time, I was very homesick, Miss Creek with the mountains and rivers, and my father and mother every tree and bush.

The more than 8 thousand people competing for 20 places, I am a rural junior high school nfl cheap jerseys boy, even a pair of sandals can not afford to buy all the people, was admitted to the North “”……

I was admitted to the Communication University of China in 2001, is the original “North Canton”. Then walks to the graduate students, film and television drama performance art direction. You asked me how I entered the media university? I think now, I feel very lucky, really.

When reading in Quzhou in the second, I always want to test military academy, because reading is not money. You know, it’s very difficult for me to live in the old house. No money to study, since junior high school I hope project funding, some people and my pair. When I was in high school, the school gave me some tuition. The headmaster told me that if you go to school and do well, you should learn it well.

I remember what the headmaster said. In school I was very active, in addition to reading, I also participated in several clubs, occasionally give students show what the Allegro, sketch. I grew up with his father learned allegro. My uncle is Wu Opera Troupe of Jinhua, late 50s to sing Wuju opera, singing for decades, he played any photos now but also magnified on the wall hanging in my home.

My father’s educational level is not high, people are very happy, listen to him when I was a teenager, see the travelling artists with a few pieces of bamboo “patter” on, he was very glad to hear that home after their cut several pieces of bamboo, all day in the hand knock. Later this is to create their own “three man” bamboo, he never off, life depends on it for fun.

My father has a great influence on me. My hours are imitative will. At that time we yeerlia washing clothes in the river, next to a lot of women,jerseys nfl online my father and I speak a word you just said, comic, make those women smile huazhiluanchan.

I can’t dance, I can’t play the piano, I haven’t been trained, I don’t know how to sing. When I was in junior high school, I took part in the competition. Cheng Chunchun said: “you have a good voice, you can try to test performance.” Only one month away from the exam, I will follow the teacher to learn, to learn VCD. Did not expect the exam, I performed a rap, which makes the examiners are very interested in. Now the director of my department in the University also remembered my allegro.

The junior high school can not afford to buy a pair of sandals, every day barefoot running wild boy, was admitted to the “North Canton”.

There are more than 8 thousand people in over 20 places across the country, and I’m such a rural boy, in addition to a passion, nothing, I can walk in “, you say I have,” how lucky. I am very grateful to Miss Cheng, she is very, very kind, like a mother to take care of me. In my growing up, there are so many people pulling me, I think I feel very moved.

“The teacher mother said to me:” you are a child without an umbrella, an umbrella under heavy rain, people can walk slowly, but you have to run……”

College, home loans of 40 thousand yuan.

40 thousand yuan for my family, is an astronomical figure, but also with interest. Over the past few years, I have been carrying a heavy pressure, or is a kind of motivation to work hard.

Talk to you about my mother. Mom is a very strong person, when I was 3 years old, because of trouble with her grandmother, she ran away from home to work. My growth is the lack of maternal love. Until I was 19 years old, admitted to the university that summer, I began to look for her. Later, a lot of twists and turns, I finally found her — she is in a hospital in Hangzhou in nursing……

I always remember the “teacher mother” Chris said to me: “you are a child without an umbrella, an umbrella under heavy rain, people can walk slowly, but you have to run……” Yeah, I didn’t know anything until I went to college in Beijing. The film has not seen a few, the home of the black and white TV, can only receive Quzhou taiwan. Came to Beijing, only to see so many tall buildings, only to know the subway, the beginning and people are nervous…… But I tell myself.