When I was 5 The courage buy years old, and his father lived steelers striped jerseys or defeat in Philippines zhebu outside Hong Kong to a man named Cavett island. The days on the island are lonely. No peer friends, I can only find the pleasure from the beach. Every morning, the first thing I wake up is to search for the evening beach, I sent a “gift” — a car without wheels toy car, a few short hand missing legs plastic toy soldiers, there are different colors of plastic ball and a rubber ball, etc.. Although these things in the eyes of others are some garbage, but it has become my treasure.

One summer morning, I went to the beach. Well, I suddenly saw a toy boat never seen, white resin made of transparent hulls, sails made of a plastic sheet. In my eyes, it is a perfect beautiful toy!

I excitedly ran to the boat, a ferry rippling waves the boat suddenly lifted into jerseys supply nfl center the sea. My heart suddenly a tight, do not want to jump into the sea, reached for the boat, completely forget that he can not swim.

In an instant, the water flooded my neck. I feel some difficulty breathing, a big wave came, I suddenly was involved. My hands desperately clawing desperately, feet pedaling, to try to keep my head in the horizontal plane, but the water is deep and cold, the strength of the current is very strong, gradually I feel tired. Trance, my body gradually sink to the sea……

Then the father just out of our beach hut, see my hands in the sea and struggling for help. He immediately rushed into the sea with the fastest speed, suddenly pulled my body out of the water. He dragged me all the way to shore, immediately gave me mouth to mouth. After a while, I slowly over a sideways, “wow” to spit out a dozen mouth water. I opened my eyes to see my father, he actually cried, whether before or since then, I have never seen him cry so sad.

The second day, I stumbled out of the cabin, the day before the terrible experience that I had a fear of the beach. I hide far away, looking at the past has given me a lot of pleasure in the beach in a daze. Just then, my father came up, he patted me on the shoulder, let me follow him to the sea. The sea is not on my foot, knee, hand holding my father, I felt my body was floating in the sea. In nfl jerseys china factory this way, I soon learned to swim. In order to exercise my courage, my father took me to the island breakwater, let me try to jump down. Even though I knew the sea was deep, I jumped down with my father, because I knew that he would be safe to go ashore.

Gradually, I fell in love with the sea. Often, when I pull arm in the sea, my father would sit on the shore of the rocks at me, his face wore a happy smile. He knew that I had been completely out of the shadow of the drowning accident, began to understand the difficulties and setbacks in fact is an important part of life, they make people cherish the hard won success.

Later, I received a degree in fine arts at the University of Philippines. Now, I am a professional painter. Form a work whenever I cudgel thinking, I often go to a sea tour, get inspiration from that very free feeling. At this moment, I always think of my father when I take the breakwater said: “believe in yourself. You can do it, kid!”

On the plane, the crow said to the attendant: give ye a cup of water!

After listening to the pig also learn: to ye also a cup of water!

The crew put the pig and crow out of the cabin. The crow said to the pig with a smile Ye can fly!

Revelation: external factors is a constraint, their ability is also a constraint, often more important. Therefore, others can succeed, not necessarily their own success.

State mental hospital nurses to the hospital inspection officials explain each containing a patient, a patient holding a photograph, crying and banging your head against a wall.

The nurse said, “he used to love the woman in the photo, whether he was awake or sleeping, but he didn’t want to put it down, but the woman was married to someone else! ”

When a person is in the next room first hard wall.

The official asked, “what’s wrong with him? ”

The nurse said, “he’s the man who married the woman! ”

Revelation: there is no absolute gain and loss.