I went to the the root supply 2017 village from the east to west wholesale nfl jerseys out of their own, from Nantou to the north end, at the same time do not immediately come Monday prayers. After I graduated from college came to Shenzhen battles, it is forced, because I was very homesick, especially love hometown cool climate. Can be the same as the local economy and the cold weather, the opportunity is limited, a little bit tricky to find a position. I can only say goodbye elders, reluctantly climbed up on the train, full of grievances to eat instant noodles, finally to get off when sleeping in the past suffer great agonies of the mind, and being outside the heat back to the car. At that moment, I seriously thought about it, whether or not to go back.

Of course I did not go back, there is no way. Since it is necessary to fight for a long time in a place, it is necessary to find a stable residence. I would also like to live with my identity to the noble community, and later, I found that the real identity of the, is my income. I am very pragmatic, they head into the village.

The pattern of villages and small town, where every day is very busy, dragons and fishes jumbled together, health condition is not very good, but wins in cheap accommodation, convenient transportation. A green hand of all corners of the country children, are not qualified to talk about conditions. In a boundless jerseys nfl different size City, Zhang Shuijue’s bed is very good.

I have high academic qualifications, decent units and a good face, but still want to wear neatly, accept the landlord’s interview. When I first arrived in Shenzhen, I was caught off guard by the subtropical weather. Even in the air conditioning room, or to be careless with sweat oozing, bit by bit, wet my shirt, stung my eyes. I looked at all, there are more than and 30 sets of real estate to the landlord as the underworld gangster like bird poke, taught me how to become a qualified tenant. Finally, I press the handprint on a paper contract, moved into the dwelling.

I am a small place, in 2008 the price, before we get there, 1000 dollars to rent a Sanshiyiting, a full set of home appliances. In Shenzhen, however, the money would be enough to rent a house in a village – hot, damp, without furniture, and half a window to the neighbors. I’m here for the whole of one year and four months. If such a write is hypocritical. In fact, here is also very busy in my place as the center, forming a circle, a five minute walk, fix the idle away in seeking pleasure.

In my hometown, KFC is only a few sporadic, can only be opened in downtown, square and other downtown. And I called to tell my mom, although I live in the village, but not only under the KFC, McDonald’s, as well as Mccann and the like, the competition is very intense,nfl jerseys direct supply very affordable. In addition, several phone calls out, take away, furniture, gas cans, minutes to send up, even the road do not have to go. Regardless of any goods, services, the price of villages, will always be on the basis of CBD discount.

Generally speaking, my life is like this. Morning, I first in a roadside corn, then take the bus, subway and then back and forth, consumes two hours every day. After sitting in the office one day if not, I go to work on time, desperate to squeeze down from the bus, all eager to last stand, get a bowl of Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables. In addition Hair Coloring tattoo of hot blooded youth, our village residents to IT workers, most modest and polite, the ornamental and the combined plain properties. Every day, a large number of young IT and I sat together and they are discussing work Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, or, or is silent, but eyes full of hope.

On the weekend, I will drink after a full meal, stroll around in the village. I went to the village from the east to west, from Nantou to the north, while Monday prayers don’t immediately come — although lonely, I still love the lonely freedom.

We often send some tickets, concert tickets, T-shirts what. I really don’t know who should be sent, had to give the landlord, he saw me, and even began to bow and scrape up. When lived for a year, so I did not say anything, he automatically give me continued for a year. He also saw that I can not meet the quality of tenants.

Later, I left Shenzhen, the biggest reason is not a sense of belonging.

When the plane circled over the hometown, the sunset shining on a lonely northwest border town, I’m really excited, vowed never to leave. Well, after a long time, I really came back, I began to read all the benefits and Shenzhen. Whenever we talk about small city honest, I am reminded of the fairness and efficiency of Shenzhen city; when winter is a layer of sooty, I miss Shenzhen, damp wet air. Finally, when I learned that I lived in the small village of Shenzhen, after the demolition of the more than and 20 push lightly out of a multimillionaire, he began to speculate that these people, there is no my landlord. When I go, the most sad should be the landlord.